Resources Applied offers a wide range of a-la-carte and turnkey solutions within three primary service delivery categories and they are:

  1. JIT and Logistics: Resources Applied understands JIT (just in time) delivery requirements and the Logistics to ensure products and services arrive on schedule and within the pre-set parameters of our fulfillment obligations.
  2. Procurement and Fulfillment: Resources Applied has a Team of experts who understand the procedures for Procurement of products and services as well as planning and execution for contract Fulfillment. Every situation is unique so we create a plan of action that our CBDT (core business development team) works off of for each new contract we obtain.
  3. Infrastructure and Training: Resources Applied provides Infrastructure setup and planning assistance and can also provide Training for procedures, implementation and project evolution. From common to complex needs we have a solution.

Under each of our three primary categories of services are sub-categories and build to suit products and services that Resources Applied can offer. Our business model is ever evolving to meet the demands of our Clients intimately. In many cases we "custom create" solutions to address the individual requirements of each contract or project. Please Contact Us today to learn more about how Resources Applied may be able to assist you.