About Us

Resources Applied was created to provide contract fulfillment products and services to the government, private and public sectors and we do this mainly through a custom plan of action. Each contract and project we solicit or respond to is unique so our business model has built in flexibility for the natural evolution of the products and services we offer our Clients.

Our CBDT (core business development team) is made up of seasoned professionals with advanced knowledge and skill-sets that allow us to deliver real time results quickly.

Resources Applied can operate as a direct fulfillment contractor or a sub-contractor based on the contract or project parameters. We assess the needs of our Clients and then create a plan of action that clearly outlines our fulfillment capabilities. The information provided on this website is intentionally generalized as not to establish "set into stone" limitations, again as part of our built in flexibility.

We provide our "resources" or those we obtain from others and "apply" them to the contract or project through JIT (just in time) protocols that are common place globally. Contact Us today to learn more about how Resources Applied can be of service.